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At The Market Intelligence Co., we stand at the forefront of transforming data into actionable insights. Accredited to both ISO 9001 and ISO 20252 standards, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. Specialising in customised market intelligence, we delve deep into the realms of customer satisfaction, employee engagement, brand perception, and the effectiveness of market strategies. Our expertise spans across various sectors, providing our clients with the clarity needed to make informed decisions.

Our strength lies in our approach: for each project, we assemble a dedicated team of senior researchers, supported by national B2B field and coding experts. This ensures a hands-on, meticulous analysis of data, offering our clients not just information, but a blueprint for action.

strategic and tailored guidance

Embarking on a Journey
with Cloud4x

Our partnership with Moshav Financial initiated with an exhaustive audit of their existing ICT systems, aimed at identifying areas ripe for modernisation. Cloud4x’s strategic approach focused on leveraging Cloud Services to transition their technology infrastructure towards digital mobility and resilience, marking a significant leap towards achieving operational excellence.

With Cloud4x’s recommendations, Moshav embarked on a transformative journey that involved both the enhancement of certain existing technologies and the adoption of new systems. This thoughtful integration facilitated a smooth transition, ensuring that their transition to Cloud Services was both efficient and effective.

Optimising Performance and Security

A Comprehensive
Cloud4x Solution

The Cloud4x solution involved a comprehensive overhaul of Moshav’s computing environment. Devices that did not meet the new requirements for Dropbox integration were upgraded or replaced, ensuring compatibility with i5 processors, a minimum of 256GB solid state drives, and adequate memory to support new data security solutions. This upgrade was pivotal in enhancing system performance and security across the board.

A significant milestone in their office’s technical transformation was the network consolidation, which included the deployment of a new firewall, switches, and wireless platforms. All computers were domain-joined, enhancing access flexibility and ensuring consistent settings and configurations across devices. This initiative not only improved network efficiency but also fortified their cybersecurity framework.

The deployment of Cloud4x’s solutions has profoundly impacted Moshav’s operational dynamics, offering unmatched user experience, agility, and system accessibility. Single sign-on capabilities streamlined identity management across Office 365, Windows logins, and Dropbox, simplifying access controls and enhancing security.

Their commitment to safeguarding corporate data was bolstered through our comprehensive management policies, encryption of all disk drives, and adherence to Australian standards for data security and compliance. The adoption of Dropbox for business has revolutionised how they store, access, and share documents, ensuring data availability and protection against loss or theft.

Equipped for the future

A Proactive Approach to Hospitality

Our partnership has equipped Moshav Financial with the tools to stay at the forefront of technology advancements, ensuring continuous access to the latest Microsoft versions and features without the burden of upgrade costs or processes.

This ongoing innovation, supported by Cloud4x’s proactive maintenance and expert advisory, underscores their dedication to delivering superior property finance solutions in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

In the words of Tal Silberman, Moshav’s CEO, “Cloud4x transformed our ICT to SaaS,” encapsulating the essence of this transformative journey. As we forge ahead, our collaboration remains a cornerstone of Moshav’s strategy, driving them towards a future where agility, security, and innovation pave the way for continued success in the property finance sector.

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