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A Partnership Founded on Shared Values

At Cloud4x, our engagement with Koorana Child & Family Services is more than just a professional relationship; it’s a collaboration driven by a shared commitment to making a meaningful impact in the lives of children with disabilities. This dedication is deeply personal for us, resonating strongly with our directors, whose spouses are educators themselves. Together, we embarked on a mission to revolutionise Koorana’s IT infrastructure, aligning technology with their noble mission.

A leap forward

Transitioning to a Future-Ready IT Framework

Understanding Koorana’s vision for a fully cloud-based IT architecture, Cloud4x initiated a strategic overhaul from a traditional server set up to a modern, agile management model. This transition was aimed at ensuring business continuity, bolstering security, and enhancing IT service delivery across the board.

Our collaboration yielded transformative outcomes, notably:

  • Universal Platform Consistency: Guaranteeing seamless access and uniformity across all user interactions, regardless of location or device.
  • Elevated Security Measures: Significantly minimising risks with advanced security protocols for devices and data.
  • Optimised IT Investments: Streamlining costs without compromising the growing needs of a mobile-centric and interconnected operational model.

IT evolution milestones

Innovative Solutions for Modern Challenges

Our comprehensive strategy included:

  • Modern Identity Management: Streamlining policy and application delivery with cutting-edge identity solutions.
  • Robust WAN Solutions: Introducing carrier-independent WAN technology to ensure reliable connectivity everywhere.
  • Device-Centric Security: Extending protective measures to individual devices to safeguard operations beyond the physical office.
  • Mobile Data Protection: Implementing stringent data security protocols for enhanced mobile device safety.

Central to our strategy was maximising the Microsoft 365 Productivity Suite with E3 licensing, incorporating Office 365 for emails and SharePoint for file management, all structured for efficiency. Azure AD-joined devices, managed by Intune, facilitated a streamlined sign-on process, simplifying access across the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

To maintain uninterrupted services, we implemented:

  • SD-WAN Routers: Providing redundant internet connectivity to each site for fail-safe operations.
  • Unified Communications System: Deploying a cloud-hosted 3CX system, merging communication tools with 24/7 support for Office 365, web meetings, and contact center functionality.

A proud partnership

A Technological Foundation for a Noble Cause

Cloud4x is honoured to stand alongside Koorana Child & Family Services in their journey, offering customised technology solutions that navigate the complexities of today’s IT landscape. Our partnership underscores a mutual dedication to enhancing the lives of children through technological empowerment, setting Koorana on a path of continued innovation and success.

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