Pioneering Innovation

Commitment to Excellence
at Hornsby Mazda

At the heart of Hornsby Mazda lies a fervent dedication to delivering unparalleled automotive services. Known for its comprehensive range of Mazda vehicles, this dealership prides itself on fostering enduring relationships with customers, built on trust, quality, and reliability.

With a team of expert service technicians and specialists, Hornsby Mazda ensures every vehicle operates at its peak, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and driving confidence.

Recognising the importance of staying ahead in the digital realm, Hornsby Mazda embarked on a journey to enhance its technological infrastructure. The objective was clear: to digitally transform the business and fortify its defences against cyber threats like viruses and ransomware.

This ambitious venture aimed not just at modernisation but at setting a new standard for security and efficiency in the automotive retail sector.

The Cloud4x Partnership

A Catalyst for Change for Future-Forward Solutions

Cloud4x stepped in at a crucial time, conducting a thorough audit of Hornsby Mazda’s systems. This detailed assessment laid the groundwork for a series of projects designed to overhaul and future-proof the dealership’s IT platforms.

The collaboration was set to address immediate needs while paving the way for the integration of SaaS-based cloud services, heralding a new era of cost efficiency and technological advancement.

The transformation led by the team at Cloud4x was comprehensive and nuanced. From upgrading the desktop fleet with solid-state drives and the latest Windows version to preparing for a full cloud deployment, every action was taken with precision and foresight. The initiative extended beyond hardware upgrades, encompassing the deployment of a standardised operating environment (SOE) that streamlined applications, enhanced security, and personalised user experiences across all Hornsby Mazda sites.

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Unmatched Connectivity

A Future-Proof Network and Seamless Operations

Under Cloud4x’s guidance, Hornsby Mazda underwent the deployment of robust internet services, featuring a flagship fibre 1000 service at its central office augmented by a resilient NBN backup service. The strategic incorporation of SD-WAN architecture ensured dependable connectivity across all sites like services and parts locations, facilitating high volume data traffic and uninterrupted operations.

We have seamlessly transitioned Mazda to a complete suite of cloud services, achieving notable strides in cost reduction, automation, and data consolidation. Harnessing the power of Microsoft O365 for file aggregation and centralisation and Microsoft Teams for telephony, we’ve taken a substantial leap toward operational excellence.

The partnership with Cloud4x has not only modernised Hornsby Mazda’s IT infrastructure but also imbued its teams with a revitalised sense of assurance. With Cloud4x’s SaaS-based solutions, the dealership is poised to embrace its digital future, promising unmatched cost efficiency and operational agility.

Through our comprehensive suite of modern management solutions and innovative design, we have facilitated secure access to data and resources and empowered users with a fluid, centralised login experience. This enables staff to exert full control over their digital footprint, regardless of their location within any dealership across the entire Australian Automotive Group.

A Digital Journey Ahead

Technology Built on Passion and Excellence

The journey of Hornsby Mazda with Cloud4x is a testament to the power of strategic partnership and innovation in navigating the complexities of digital transformation.

As Hornsby Mazda continues to lead in automotive retail, their alliance with Cloud4x ensures a future where technology drives efficiency, security, and customer satisfaction to new heights.

The Automotive Group’s owner encapsulates the sentiment of this transformative journey, expressing gratitude for the passion Cloud4x has brought to the dealership. The road ahead is one of excitement and continued collaboration, as more Dealerships under the Automotive Group are poised to undergo similar optimisation, paving the way towards a digital horizon filled with promise and potential.

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