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Sydney BMW’s Journey to Digital Excellence with Cloud4x

In December 2023, Australia Motor Group (AMG) faced the formidable challenge of digitally transforming their newly acquired Sydney BMW dealership. The mission was clear: to transition from BMW Corporate systems to an independent domain while upgrading their IT infrastructure to meet modern demands.

Cloud4x spearheaded the transition, moving all systems from the BMW corporate domain to Sydney BMW’s new, independent domain. This move wasn’t just a change of names—it was a complete IT makeover, from connectivity enhancements to the modernisation of network equipment like routers, switches, and Wi-Fi systems.

Integrating the dealership’s crucial electronic document management system presented a unique challenge. Cloud4x’s solution? A bespoke SAS solution that not only solved the problem but also highlighted our agility and innovation in the face of technical hurdles.

Changing gears

Implementing Cutting-Edge Solutions for Unified Success

At the heart of our strategy was the adoption of Modern Management across all user devices. This approach facilitated single sign-on across AMG Group Dealerships and harnessed the full suite of Microsoft 365 tools, all under the umbrella of Microsoft 365 Business Premium licensing.

Security took center stage with the implementation of Application Controls and automated asset discovery for vulnerability scanning. Our strategic use of macro protection policies and application hardening tactics within the Microsoft ecosystem further reinforced our digital fortifications.

Our network infrastructure strategy focused on resilience, with advanced switches that support stacking and automatic failover protocols. This ensured that operations remained uninterrupted, with seamless failover in case of any disruptions.

Access to the network was meticulously safeguarded, restricted to corporate networks and devices. The leap to Modern Management included securing all corporate wireless networks through Intune MDM, with authentication managed via Amazon’s AWS public cloud.

Towards the horizon

A Triumph in Digital Transformation

Our commitment to delivering exceptional results was clear from the rapid and efficient completion of the project, including working through overnight shifts to minimise disruption. This digital transformation journey with Sydney BMW showcases Cloud4x’s dedication to driving technological advancement and excellence. The result? A modernised operation that not only enhances security protocols but also positions Sydney BMW for ongoing success in a digitally evolving marketplace.

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