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Aegros Therapeutics and Cloud4x: Injecting Innovation into Healthcare IT

When Aegros Therapeutics teamed up with Cloud4x, it wasn’t just to give their IT systems a quick check-up—it was about crafting a cutting-edge, global network that could handle everything from local flu shots to international operations. Our mission? To inject some serious technology wizardry into their operations, making them not just faster and more cost-effective, but also as secure as Fort Knox.

We rolled out the red carpet for Aegros’ international offices, giving them the tools to manage their technology needs locally. This wasn’t just about taking the temperature; we equipped them to handle everything from buying new gear to integrating whole subsidiaries. It’s about giving power back to the people—while keeping all systems in tip-top health.

Empowering offices

Deploying a Robust IT Backbone From Lock-In to Log-In

Gone are the days of being stuck with one IT provider—our set up at Aegros is like choosing your favourite pharmacist. We’ve built a system that lets any Aegros employee anywhere turn a regular laptop into a secure, managed device with just a few clicks. No more waiting in line; it’s instant IT healthcare.

Moving Aegros to a modern IT management model meant swapping old servers for sleek, cloud-based systems that talk directly to AWS. Think of it as upgrading from an old ambulance to a state-of-the-art flying car. Now, Aegros is ready for whatever the technology world throws at it, be it a common cold or a full-blown technology pandemic.

Laying the groundwork

Cloud-First Strategy for Thriving Operations

In the first phase, we focused on cloud-enabling Aegros locally while paving the way for their expansion into the Middle East and Asia. We made sure that productivity and security were at the forefront, prepping their systems to handle everything from daily check-ins to major surgical operations, digitally speaking.

The second phase solidified the transition to modern management, facilitating cloud-driven management and application delivery for all desktops and laptops. This approach minimised the need for MSP interaction, allowing for swift international expansion and immediate user access to applications, supported by continuous policy delivery and simplified sign-on processes.

Seamless access and growth

A Multi-Cloud Environment and Enhanced Communication

To balance technology needs and cost-efficiency, we implemented a Hybrid Multi-Cloud environment, strategically focusing on AWS to ensure optimal performance and scalability. This included managing domain controllers, backup servers, firewalls, application servers, and SD-WAN controllers in the public cloud.

Our solutions also encompassed upgrading communication systems, including Microsoft Teams Video Conference Kits equipped with cutting-edge video bars, room panels, ceiling speakers, and microphones across multiple rooms and boardrooms. Additionally, we enhanced security with video surveillance, access controls, and analytics services, alongside updated telephone systems that integrated Teams calling and entry intercoms for enhanced operational efficiency.

In specialised environments such as laboratories and Haemafrac clean rooms, we provided PCs with Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC licenses, prioritising stability and long-term support over frequent updates. This approach ensured that critical areas where consistent performance is crucial were adequately supported.

Cloud4x's bespoke IT solutions for Aegros Therapeutics have set a new standard in the healthcare sector, merging cutting-edge technology with flexibility and cost-effectiveness to foster sustained growth and success in a dynamic digital environment.

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