Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a fully-outsourced computing infrastructure for your business. Rather than buying servers, software licenses, network equipment and data centre space, you can bundle all as a managed service. It is A Virtual Datacentre at your fingertips.

Respond faster to change

With CLOUD4X-IaaS, we place you in the flexible position to be able to deploy computing resources and to respond faster to business and market changes. Cloud4x being equipped with the industry’s highest levels of accreditation from Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, EMC and other leading vendors, provides IaaS solutions tailored in every way. We can aggregate the OS, processors, memory, capacity, and backup requirements for your solutions.

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The Cloud4x offering of virtual server hosting, is a virtual infrastructure service that allows you to deploy managed virtual servers and storage for an agreed and certain monthly fee. There is no longer any form of hardware and software CAPEX as you don’t have to invest in expensive upfront hardware and software to run your business IT environment.

The CLOUD4X-IaaS solution:

  • Lowers provisioning time of your projects and operations
  • Provides confidence as your corporate data is highly secure and backed-up
  • Alters your IT spending into a measurable cost-effective operational expense
  • Diminishes risks with an infrastructure housed in a Tier 3 Datacentre
  • Achieves technology cost efficiencies and asset consolidation as key business applications are positioned into the cloud
Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are a cost-effective solution for businesses with complex applications that don’t want the risk of maintaining their own systems. Your applications and data reside on reserved servers entirely for your own use, providing an extra level of security and reliability.

Alternatively we can employ a hybrid environment where your server does reside in your premises.

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  • high level security
  • carrier-grade data centre facilities
  • state-of-the-art storage platforms
  • customisable OS, CPU, memory and applications
  • secure server and network isolation and segmentation
  • technology leading firewalls
  • redundant network connectivity
  • hardware load balancing
  • enterprise technology within a tier 3 datacentre
  • a continuous state of upgrade
About Cloud4x

Cloud4x is a proud Australian start-up, created by experienced systems engineers who know they can build a better, safer, cheaper and more expansive private cloud.

The Cloud4x offering of virtual server hosting, is a virtual infrastructure service that allows you to deploy managed virtual servers...

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