Data backups are critical to any organisation – documents, mail, applications and records residing on business setups. In the case of data loss, severe implications could arise for your organisation if there aren’t any recent backups to revert to. Onsite server backup won’t help you in the in case of a theft, human error, or disaster.

Can your company effort to operate without a data backup & recovery plan? The average cost of downtime for a business is estimated at $8,600 per hour

The simplest form of Disaster Recovery, making regularly scheduled backups of important data to the Cloud4x Cloud allows you to retrieve files that have been destroyed, stolen, or simply erased by accident. Inside the Cloud4x Cloud, client data is stored on highly redundant disk arrays to ensure that it is there when you need it!


Because the loss of business data can be catastrophic, it is important that a backup storage solution is in place. Backups have two distinct purposes. The primary purpose is to recover data after its loss, be it by data deletion or corruption. The secondary purpose of backups is to recover data from an earlier time, according to your data retention policy, typically configured within a backup application for how long copies of data are stored. Though backups popularly represent a simple form of disaster recovery, they should be part of a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

Backup Now

CLOUD4X CLOUD-BACKUP offers a cover-all, end-to-end solution for all your backup issues. The solution creates a backup of your specified data. The data backup process is done via the internet to our cloud in the Equinix sy-3 datacentre. Operating in a fully automated way, our data backup solution is markedly easy to manage and supports various operating systems and set-ups. For example, it will back-up your email or databases even when they are in use. CLOUD4X Cloud Backup offers you the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that your data is safely stored at our leading Datacentre at all times.

  • Meet SLAs through fast and reliable recoveries

  • Simple and efficient solution for backup and recovery - streamline the process of managing backup and recovery

  • Comply with regulations requiring offsite storage, encryption and data archiving/destruction

  • Reduce recovery times and meet your RTOs (return to operations)

  • Data is secured with a 2048 bit SSL connection in transit and AES 256 bit encryption at rest

  • No upfront investment as you only pay for the backup service

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