The answer to “can I be hacked?” is always “yes” but like anything in IT, the answer has gradients of truth to it.

The first understanding of hacking is that it is infrequently random. While lots of “script kiddies” do attempt well known basic hacks in the hope of catching someone unawares, the big information leak hacks that are so well publicized, are designed and executed by experts, whether professional, or maliciously interested.

Against the former and latter types of attack, the Cloud4x systems, provide far better protection than on any other platform including some large public clouds.


Our cloud systems are hosted at Equinix’s (Winner of the 2015 Information Management Award) state-of-the-art sy3 Datacentre in Alexandria. Equinix has been awarded for the second consecutive year by Network World Asia for providing innovative datacentre solutions and technologies in Asia-Pacific. We have the utmost confidence and conviction to our Datacentre’s security procedures and technological prowess as the below points bestow:

  • More than 190 cloud and IT service providers offer a full range of managed services and cloud solutions
  • Hybrid cloud platform deployment made easy with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect available, improving performance and reducing cost via a private fibre-optic connection
  • Largest collection of international and regional networks in Australia
  • Equinix Internet Exchange is the largest network peering platform in the Australian market
  • Integrated with core electronic trading and capital markets in Sydney. Hosts multiple execution venues across multiple asset classes and ticker plants for multiple market data providers alongside core network and regional access providers
  • Located very close to trans-oceanic cable stations, facilitating global connectivity for financial services community
  • Hosts the growing electronic payments industry, including payment gateways, aggregators, banks and network providers
  • Human – 24x7x365 office security
  • 24-hour monitoring of datacentre
  • Physical access control lists manage ingress and egress
  • Security fencing
  • Boom gates
  • Electronic – 24x7x365 CCTV recordings; access control; biometric scanners
  • Multi-factor authentication, including biometric scanning for datacentre access
  • Internal datacentre network is segregated from the external network
  • Role separation renders location of specific customer data unintelligible to the personnel that have physical access
  • Faulty drives and hardware are demagnetised and destroyed.
  • Lock box processes for strictly supervised escalation process greatly limits human access to your data
  • Servers run only processes on whitelist, minimising risk from malicious code.
  • Dedicated threat management teams proactively anticipate, prevent, and mitigate malicious access
  • Port scanning, perimeter vulnerability scanning, and intrusion detection software (suricata) prevent or detect any malicious access
  • Encryption at rest protects your data on our servers
  • Encryption in transit with SSL/TLS protects your data transmitted between you and Cloud4x
  • Threat management, security monitoring, and file/data integrity prevents or detects any tampering of data.
  • Rights Management Services prevent file-level access without the right user credentials
  • Multi-factor authentication protects access to the service with a second factor such as phone
  • Data loss prevention prevents sensitive data from leaking either inside or outside the organisation
  • Encryption to give greater controls to your admins to apply appropriate policies to protect sensitive data


  • Cloud4x isn’t just your provider – they’re intimately involved in your systems and will strive to implement the best possible security (within your business constraints), not just on your systems, but even in the peripheral devices that your systems interact with.

  • Cloud4x will work with your application vendors in securing access to your data and ensuring any externally presented information is appropriately secured through strong encryption and protected by strong Intrusion Detection and Prevention tools (IDS/IPS)

  • Cloud4x backup procedures include an at-rest backup appliance that uses different credentials to the rest of the systems and does not accept “delete” calls from any operating system – this means that in case of compromise, there is a valid backup.

  • All Cloud4x staff undergo yearly Federal Police checks – so you can be sure that our engineers are trustworthy. Additionally, all Cloud4x staff are Australian citizens.

  • Cloud4x is just as concerned about physical security as it is about cyber security – to this end we have the following rules:

    • All data is kept either in a datacentre or on customer premises as per customer requirements
    • All disks are professionally wiped and physically destroyed prior to leaving the datacentre – no disks are ever re-used beyond their original assignment
    • Only two people have full unfettered access to the datacentre – this includes no access to the datacentres for half the Cloud4x executive team
    • Only two people have “sysadmin” level privileges – these are likewise audited and NOT exposed as valid logins from untrusted zones such as the Internet
    • The datacentres used by Cloud4x are all Tier 3 graded and require strict biometric security, ID checks and chaperoning for any staff member to access
    • At-rest data encryption is available as an option to our clients – this means that if a server is powered down, and it’s data copied by forensic means, it will be close to impossible for anyone to access it

In addition, Cloud4x has:

  • Quarterly-updated security policies which are made available to all clients
  • Clear escalation paths for any events that may occur
  • A guarantee of no data transit outside specified locations
  • At-rest data protection options
  • In-flight data encryption options
  • Full data auditing, including administrators – with the ability to generate reports – this is viable in the Desktop-as-a-Service scenario, and for additional cost in the IaaS, BaaS and DRaaS space
  • Quarterly procedures for testing and auditing data, to ensure no unidentified access has transpired outside normal triggered actions

Cloud4x takes your security very seriously. There will be no compromises with security – we would rather lose business than lower our security standards.

Our experience is in planning, architecting, and management of Cloud services.

We offer Cloud service consultancy, migration and capacity planning, optimisation, monitoring, and infrastructure management, and we assist enterprises to gain from lean business processes and maximum cost benefit from their Cloud investments, while delivering world-class security, reliability and service quality. We have a cutting-edge understanding of Cloud technologies and their business applications. We help our clients get the full benefits of Cloud services.

We serve our clients locally in Sydney and Melbourne in a wide range of industry sectors including media, finance, marketing, real estate and education.

  • Stay in control of your costs. No Surprises.
  • Australian owned and operated.
  • Access to Australian based servers. We deliver the fastest user experience.
  • Australian based support. We speak your language.
  • Fastest setup. We get you going in minutes.
  • Peace of mind. We have the highest level of reliability.
  • With our Hosted Technologies and our ongoing support - you get back to doing business!
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