With the ultimate goal of eliminating downtime and sharing data across regions, we have engaged in deploying our clients' data in geographically dispersed data centers (Sydney and Melbourne) to minimise planned or unplanned downtimes. In addition, Globalisation, Security and Disaster Recovery are also considerations for location diversification across multiple regions.

The primary Cloud4x systems are located at:

  1. the state-of-the-art Equinix SY3 Datacentre in Alexandria NSW Australia, and
  2. the brand new Equinix SY4 Datacentre also in Alexandria

Additionally, Cloud4x uses the Equnix ME1 facility in Port Melbourne for our Disaster Recovery Environments and is our Data protection centre.


While translating to datacentre business, it is fair to say not all datacentres are created equal. In fact, some of them are much more equal than others! At the NetworkWorld Asia Information Management Awards ceremony on Thursday 4 June, the industry found out which Datacentre provider is currently first among equals.

And, for the second year in a row the answer was Equinix, which won in the Datacentre Services category. The judging criteria in the most recent awards were as broad as they were stringent.

They covered everything from the reputation of the vendor in the marketplace, the features and USPs of the solution, acceptance of technology and/or brand as well as feedback from users on the deployment of the solution. Durability, scalability and, naturally, the quality of the service were compelling contributing factors.

At the 2015 event, a total of 41 awards were given to 40 winners who were chosen from a shortlist determined by the editors of Network World Asia. A hundred regional CIOs and IT heads of end-user organizations were also invited to vote for the vendor they felt made the most advances in the fields of Information Security, Storage and Data Management over the last few years.

Equinix is focused on ensuring their clients including Cloud4x, benefit from their vast ecosystem of partners, networks and carriers, enabling them to excel in their industries, regardless of location. Their Datacentres and networks mean we can reach more customers, share information faster and extend the reach of our IT services. 

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